彩虹之上(Above the Rainbow) Hong Kong 2018

這是香港彩虹村,其色彩的外觀使其廣為人知。 這張照片對我個人而言非常重要。 我的學校在彩虹村對面,但是根層並不高,所以我只能看到彩色的牆壁,所以我一直對該建築物遮擋的景色感到很好奇。 我相信這也是很多香港百姓的想法,在無人機出現之後,可以突破人們的高度,看到高牆後面的更高的建築物,還有代表香港人精神的獅子山。

This is Hong Kong Rainbow Village, and its colorful exterior makes it well known. This photo is very important to me personally. My school is opposite Rainbow Village, but the floor is not high so I only see the colored walls, so I have been very curious about the scenery blocked by the front high buildings. I believe this is also a lot. The idea of Hong Kong residents. Until the emergence of drones, I can break through the heights of people, see higher buildings behind the high walls, and the Lion Rock, which represents the spirit of the people of Hong Kong.